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Michael (Butch) CASSIDY
(2AOD 1971)
Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll

We Were Soldiers Too
Since 1972, a lot has been written

''365 and a Wakey''
'365 and a Wakey'
I arrived at Ton Son

''365'' Cont.'d
These incidents were a reality and even though

the day before I was due to go home all I could 

 'Nui Dat Dunny'
A visit to the Nui Dat Dunny.

A Nasho in 'Nam
Story by Mike Fernando

This is a true story written by Peter James--.

J.H. Remembers
One of my first memories of mt tour was soon after

Jimmy Ling's Diary
From the Diary of Cpl. J.A.Ling Introduction:

John M’s Story
I was born on 24/5/50 and grew 

Jonesey's Story Part 1 'Enlistment'
Foreword A lifelong

Jonesy Part 2 'The Regiment'
I think that you will have

Jonesy Part 3 'The Dat'
We sat for what seemed an eternity amid the

Jonesy Part 4 'Settling In'
A semi-sleepless night followed by

Jonesy Part 5. 'R.T.A.'
I was happy when it was my turn to go back to

My name is Dennis Wynne and I served in Aussie Army


Vung Tau Surfer
by: Bill Kernoczy
South China Sea,

Wayne Write's
I arrived, in Vungers, along with